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Why this health tech group picked Nashville – not Silicon Valley — to help unlock the future of health care


Walking around the future headquarters of the organization he’s been charged to build, Ed Cantwell shared his grand aspirations.

Ideally, he said, the space on the second floor of OneCity’s first office building will become a hub for the way future health care innovations are developed. The goal is to house more than 100 engineers here, staffing a lab that helps health care technologies work together in a way that can transform the industry. He also hopes to share space with innovators and entrepreneurs who see ways to make a real difference in health care once the industry’s data is more accessible.

now why I’m here,” said Cantwell, executive director of the Center for Medical Interoperability. “A lot of other organizations don’t understand why you would put this center in Nashville, [they’d say] put it in Silicon Valley, put it in Boston, put it in D.C. I want this to be accessible to anybody in Nashville that wants to talk about innovation and transform via an interoperable platform.” Read More


Distress Index


The third quarter 2014 results for the FBT/TrBK Distress Indices have just been released. The indices show distress in the healthcare services sector has climbed 38% since 2010, while distress in the real estate industry has declined by more than 65% in the same period, and overall distress in the U.S. market has declined by more than 55%. The current report is available at Rescue investing opportunities are out there, but they are shifting between sectors and between geographic regions. – Bobby Guy, Managing Director, FBT Financial Indices, LLC


Distress to Success: A Survival Handbook For Struggling

Businesses and Buyers of distressed Opportunities

May 16, 2011: by Bobby Guy – (Hardcover)

Distress to Success is written for the business leader struggling to return a company from the “red” into the “black.” It is written for the savvy buyer straining to find acquisition opportunities in an unrealistic market. If you are one of these two kinds of people, it is written for you.

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The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Really Breathing?

May 16, 2011, (Paperback)  by Jeffrey W. Hayzlett

Jeff Hayzlett is a big, boisterous guy who has the guts to get in your face and tell you exactly why your business isn’t doing well. In short, he asks the questions that most business managers are afraid to ask. And as Jeff points out, if you aren’t willing to look at what’s working and what isn’t – and then take thenecessary steps to fix them — well, you and your colleagues and employees are in for a tough ride.

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Attacks Continue on Lenders’ Right to Credit Bid in 363 sales

May 13, 2010: by Bobby Guy, Jennifer O’Guinn, (TMA International Headquarters)

Reorganization is a tough business when capital is inaccessible. It’s no secret that true Chapter 11 reorganizations are few and far between; the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process is now used frequently as a sales mechanism through its very powerful Section 363 sale process. The market demands sales, and to attract the highest prices, it demands the certainty of a Section 363 sale. Indeed, from the perspective of the market, Chapter 11 may be the most efficient liquidation mechanism in the world.[1] Read More